Mugen Fighters Infinite – Editando Mugen com Qualidade/Editing Mugen

Mega Pack do Designer Legacy


Sessão de Stages/Stages Session

Mugen Fighters Infinite

Aqui você pode escolher os melhores Stages com ZOOM, cada um com uma música incluída na pasta de download! Vamos baixar? Obs: A maioria dos stages não tinham o efeito de zoom, eu adicionei o efeito em cada um de modo diferente ok.

Here you can choose the best Stages with ZOOM, each with a song included in the download folder! Let's download? Note: Most stages did not have the effect of zooming, I added the effect in each of different way ok.

1000 Flammen A View to a Kill NGBC A View to a Kill Night NGBC Amusement Park A Amusement Park B Above Heaven Altar of The World Balance Demise Ani Mugenlife T-Room Arena Tenkaichi Budokai DBZ Bascule Blazblue Bridge Samurai Burnt Remains KOF XIII Campus Rooftop City Burning SBE Daily Bugle Rooftops Dark Sector DeathStar Star Wars Devil's Town Emerald Delta Enies Lobby Buster Call Entrance Hall Entrance Hall: Requiem of Darkness Fight Club Nero Fight Club Winners Forest of Desolation Gaia’s Lock Infernal Demise Inside The White Tower Jungle DMC4 Krypton Planet DC Mishima Dojo Mountains of Fortuna Castle DMC4 Nameless Stage Paranormal Activity Pokémon Gym Region of Dragons Rooftop in The Rain Sea Train One Piece Serpent Road DBZ Southside NY Shotokan Temple Sun-Ken Rock Office Tekken Tag 2 Snoop Dogg Temen Ni Gru DMC3 Temple Lin Kuei HD Temple of Amaterasu KOFD Tenrou Forest The Living Forest MK Tokyo Night EX Top of The World The End Town Fair SS6 Winter Forest World Of Shadows Zero’s Temple

Mega Pack do Designer Legacy

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